I still believe in Love

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by Rodiney Santiago 1 Comment

I learned that love and happiness are totally different feelings. You can’t be with some one just because you love that person. I learned that my happiness has to be priority. Fighting for love is worthless if the other part is not willing to do the same as you . The greatest love will knock your door freely.

Love is beautiful if it balance the two parties. I know Sometimes it’s so hard to understand how love works, but I am so proud of my heart… it has been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken but somehow it still works. That means i still believe in true Love.

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  1. Kashmir says:

    Dude… you are a hopeless romantic. i can so relate to that… the only problem i am having is actually having is meeting guys that want the same things that i am looking for or even want to commit. Im sick of guys that are always waiting for the next hot guy to come along.. Seems when i poor my all into someone he always needs more space or Im moving too fast. Well ill be back to the US soon. maybe the guys there are different. Im not giving up. i want a family and i am going to have it. 🙂 geat day!.

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