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Posted on: May 8th, 2012 by Rodiney Santiago 1 Comment

I am very disappointed about “Couples Therapy” i knew we couldn’t participate in a legal sanctioned proposal as the straight couple was able to do. Now next week is the season finale and very little if any time has been spent with us. The entire show has been all about the straight couples. Extremely insulting to Gay people. It’s as if the gay couple don’t have anything to add, or do with the world of Couples Therapy. I am thankful for the things I learned doing the therapy but unfortunately we didn’t have chance to share it with you all on tv. I apologize for you expected more about us but we can not control the straight editors… what makes me mad in America is people want to be cool about differences, but they are not. I don’t believe that straight people Are the most of the population. Just 50% gays is not out! But still 50% / 50%.

I have received many hundreds e-mails from the Fans with the same opinion, i really felt it and I can not be afraid to express my feelings and thoughts.. it was one of the things I learned doing therapy. I will always speak up.

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  1. Paul Meenan says:

    I’m right there with you Rodiney. I was disappointed in how little facetime you guys had on Couples Therapy but when they made you go in to help pick out a wedding ring I was appalled! I instantly felt terrible for you and Reichen. I thought how insensitive the producers are or maybe they’re just plain stupid. I live in Iowa, US and we’ve had marriage equality for three years now. Someday it will be everywhere I swear, and then we can move on to other things.

    Anyway I’m new to your blog but will be a follower now. I like what I see. You’ll be happy doing it. Why hell… bitch please, what am I saying… you’ll LOVE doing it!

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